02 - Vicious Virtue

each step I take into the wake
after I wake
the waves creep up further
and threaten to overtake
my life’s at stake
but I’m oblivious
I’m a somnambulist
on the verge of vertigo
virtually alone and miserable
walking like a zombie
with a twisted grin
searching for the brains of
some soul hidden happiness within
leeching out that glow
let alone hitherto
an unknown quantity
of living soul
unto my life forces
and lost control
I’m steadily searching
for heavenly virtue
I’m readily working
for some kind of future
I’m betting that lurking
produces a better version
standing guard in the meantime
and tending bars of virtue
blurting out words
I’m learning life and living
for the large
I’m stuck in the small
but breaking through is hard
I’m making sure I don’t
trip even thought my shoes
are tied
I’m faking my own death
just to elude your prying eyes
you're not alone
your words are fine
but take the time to live your life
I know
you’re not forgiven
just cause you reckon so
you're just a hidden
speck of dust all alone
look at us
we arrange some stones
and all of a sudden
we're the most amazing
creature the universe has ever known
I miss a smidgen of
reason to deal the blow
my ego can take it
it’s already so low
I might as well make it
breathe in the flow
the ebb of my tide
is a little less than you know
and so
I’m solo like Han
and I’m Han like the dynasty
my dynastic strategy
is so dynamic and nasty
we plan for the action
but act out activities
max out the possibility
hack down the living tree
don’t you look at me
I’m not the one who said
the world was a beautiful place
I’m the one who said
it’s me against the world
and I’ll probably lose the race
you can see the whole story
in the expression on my face
the real tragedy is
sometimes its hit and miss
sometimes I feel the bliss
some days are way less
I don’t wanna take a breath
you shouldn’t throw rocks in glass houses
you wanna break out of the box you’re stuck in
I’ve done a lot of nothing
but I’ve got a love of blood hymns
sing a little trouble troubling
suppose you lose the hate of something
let it fade away when bass hits
try to keep that smile from your face
when your legs start to tap the pace
I find I’m blind to the ambitions
of the universe
trying to bind myself
with a proper verse
but these tertiary motives
just don’t burst my bubble
these blasted cuffs won’t break
no matter how much I struggle
this peculiar riddle
is a bit of a middle ground
I’m a little hidden
but the parts that show
are the ones where
I know they can exist
in the world alone
without anyone noticing
they're about as transparent
as open window
you're not alone
your words are fine
but take the time to live your life
I know

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