03 - Wonderous Wandering

I approach the world slowly today
I broach the subject of running away
I take a stab at keeping my face
above the water and into the race
I approach the world slowly today
probably because I know it hates me
wobbly legs just won’t support see
troubling times are my forte
doubling fines will find me
timing my escape to blinding
smoke and winding up
as other folk
just seem to slide right by
without a problem
passion will last me
I cast my magics and blast it
tragic recipients add it
to the battle scar category
file it under wild stories
and keep it for a better day
ima let a little trouble stay
wouldn’t want the gods to get bored
with breaking down my sanity
walking roads
closing down
while I’m alone
my footsteps are the only
thing I need
I stream my consciousness
consciously I’m submerged
in a black tide of wandering thoughts and misery
tis better to have sinned
than to believe blindly
I can finally see
that I’m just in time to conceive
its key to be selfish
but it’s better to give emphatically
let’s put a little distance
between us
to split apart the vanity
walking roads just for the boredom
and bobbing head to the imaginary
forlorn beat that's always within
only I can feel
when I’m alone with sin
that only I can steal
every heartbeats thin
every breath is less
than the last ones been
I bleed stress
unless you let me in
ima smother out the
sunshine just to win
walking roads
closing down
while I’m alone
my footsteps are the only
thing I need
well I was gonna write a third verse
but now I’m too depressed
I’ll just leave these
lines and a general apology instead
ah I can’t do it
I might as well continue
I’m a bit of a quitter
but I’d never leave a song unfinished
I'd never pry your business
and all I ask is that
you leave my silent witness
you believe when I say I’m
hidden and I don’t want to
be bothered all day
just leave me alone and go the eff away
I have a bone to pick
over some lonely prey
and I’m gonna keep on
skellytone until it all turns grey
ashes to ashes and dust to dust
what I’m selling is lasting
but no one really wants it that much

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