04 - Chance's Chant

I clatter my bones around
just for the sound of it
I pound my fists down
into the ground
when it matters less
and the path it projects
some mathematical avarice
hypothetical question yes
how many times can
I say I’m dead
before I start believing it
I'll retrieve
my words and start over again
one never places the hen house
in the mouth of the fox
one never relies on fists
for what you can accomplish
with just talks
money walks
and gold weighs too much
to carry
but I think I can arrange
a fork lift
if you're feeling generous
even that won’t stop the hurt
I’m searching for her
like she’s the last drop of water in a desert
I imagine you’re quite fetching
but what I keep in my minds eye
is always changing
I can blame the fates all day
and I do but
see half the blame rests on me
and the rest is all on you
it’s a test perhaps
and I’ve had dreams about it
I’m invested past
chance meetings
mall cops
and reaching to scream about it
I’ve played it back
like it’s a fine memory
even tho it hasn’t happened yet
when it comes along it better be
set to make a better me
let her breathe until
we be together for eternity
tethered to her and she to me
one inch closer each time we breathe
whisper your name
through the chains of time
then leave
I’m willing to try
some spilling of wise blood
sacrifice any part of my
night that might make
me analyze us
that’s a dangerous occupation
dredging through the thoughts
of others
while others weigh
the options of the lessons
I'll lessen the tension
just a little bit
if you mention
how the hell I find you
now mind you
ill search the whole galaxy
six times and back
on a single breath
how can I miss you miss
if we haven’t even met yet
well chance here’s the safe bet
barricade yourself in placements
keep a whole cache of
rations in the basement
stable steady some heavy
chairs and tables
ready for the day that
I come knocking
just don’t answer and you'll be fine
as I’m not entirely sure I'll still be alive at the time

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