07 - Broken Breathing

every day it gets worse
every waking breath is cursed
every day of my life seems like a waste
I hurry up and wait
make my case
every single breath is one less to live
every single step is one closer to death
I try not to think about it
but its casually
causing a casualty
clashing with reality
open your heart and see
bleeding my energy
spinning me mentally
winning whatever game
we're all playing
I better hope I have more lives
in time I'll find out
take turn in the tides
wash this body away and rejoin the skies
could I be
on the wave front near
let me see
I’m lost down here
I don’t know how to begin
I better try this again
this mysterious
feeling pit I’m in
has me pitted against
my only source of
course adjustment
in this stormy weather
I must endorse
the letting of my blood
time checks his wrist watch
and sees I’m overdue
for a plot twist
and a little plot of land
to twist in as my
vessel turns to sand
invictus terra
I'll walk hand in hand
with Aken
right over the river
back into life again
ima conquer this little sliver
of living hell on earth
however the hell you do that
it’s our birth right
to be disillusioned
when you're promised
eventually you'll
come to the same conclusion
what’s the point
I try like trying’s worth it
I make my plan and work it
I take this pain and force
it down under my misforgivings
of the veins
my source
tells me I’m a little late at
the game
that starting gate won’t wait
give a little shove
let a little die
with each breath
can you shun her love
when you know
it’s not the best
can you expect to expire
waiting for that
perfect one that's never
gonna make it
or just make do
with the one you have
at the moment
some tone is
is lasting lives
yeah I’m casting
eyes on the ground and
wondering when my heart
in its own blood
I’ll be here just kicking my feet thru the mud
one day fades away
one day feels betrayed
that’s the way of the
wayless wanderers
that’s a despondent
from my specious
of happiness
that's the last of it

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