08 - Mythical Misery

I’m nothing but sticks and bones
that's why I’m called skellytone
that's why I walk around
with a head full of lyrics
and a chorus I’ve yet to moan
and of course I’m still alone
but I’m adjusting slightly so
whether its fast or no
I eventually get to get up and go
ok let’s get a little slow
I’m the pace setter for my
race and I don’t need to
outrun the flow
be like water my friend
for water slips past the hard spots
but give it enough time
and it'll grind down the
most stubborn mountain tops
I can find some kind of peace and stop
I don’t mind if you believe it or not
but placing lines over beats
is the only thing that makes me feel
I arrive at the same conclusion
I strive to encase my illusion
in a reality based scenario
where all my dreams are
the basis of truth
and I redeem myself thru music
I can imagine the end
but so far it’s not
within the grasp
of my boney hands
I know I said it earlier
in this record in fact
but if I fall down into the
ground oh no I won’t be coming back
all sticks and bones
make up this skellytone
step into the light of the darkness
one night with a flight of hardness
fresh ink on my arm and
a belly full of harshness
I’m swell and thanks for checking
some lights will flash and reckon
we better not get stopped tonight
or there'll be one heck of a wrecking
learn your lesson
clean your messes
I’m talking like I’m used to it
to people I’ve never met
that may not sound like a lot
but for me it surely is
something about today
makes me feel like a real person
some sliver to light engaged
and I better use it before it worsens
I better capitalize on this for certain
how is it that I relate
when most of the time I’m silent
it doesn’t seem possible to me
but it feels just short of timeless
is this how people usually feel
not afraid to speak into the fray
it doesn’t feel like a huge deal
just to say what I want to say
I get a little color for Musashi
his cuts are getting better and I’m watching
some trouble brewing on the horizon
don’t bother to make the bed you lie in
don’t come to me with your problems
I’m not trying
all sticks and bones
make up this skellytone
my solo project is in the black
but at least
I’m featured as a guest on all my own tracks
I feel the flow I don’t ever rap
because if I did I'd have to
I'd have to pretend I was badass
mend my id and my ego will come to pass
my beats are Ra like the sun god
but I don’t feel I need to worship
myself after all I’m just a fallen
hero in the midst of my clearly
life changing adventure
rinse repeat every day
and save each day forever
do whatever makes you feel most clever
don’t get too attached to that feeling my friend
the deal is eventually it'll leave
and you'll be left with withdrawal and regret
just like the sun will set
that haze of glory will dissipate
as sure as intent
I sure is intense
like campers camping under a circus tent
preparing for an onslaught of vandals
reloading by candle light and aiming
at the shadows
trying to stare each other to death
with a Russian roulette
drinking contest
all the biggest chambers are loaded by hand
ready pull the trigger if you're a real man

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