09 - Fictitious Festivities

yeah its Saturn’s day
and as I foray to the store
to get a pack of ciggersmokes
I pack a plan of decent folks
planning to meet me in evening
lure me out of my cave of central air and heating
it’s a special time we're meeting
called all my friends with greeting
getting times and places even
setting lines of drinks and eating
you want to bring your friend of a friend
I don’t care
you wanna bring a case of beer
just get here
hey tendie you anywhere near
"yeah baby I'll be there"
ahhlll right
--well then--
its party on the back porch
I do declare
ima start this love affair
with a lawn chair
packing so much fun into one night
it’s a slice of life
happening at the speed of light
I swear upon this daylight moon
that by the time the sun goes down
I’ll be immune to charms of old
and maybe talk to a girl or two
yeah right
but anyways I might invite some
I might just slightly
like to see one
I fight these feelings
dealing with trying
to have a conversation
while I'm busy staring at the ceiling
feign death
I didn’t mean to be so revealing
I just have trouble expressing myself
using phrases that weren't taken
from something else
sitting on the couch
making passes at you
using quotes from TV shows
and movies
it’s all I have I’m just staying the course
but apparently
girls aren’t impressed
by 3 hours of quoting aqua teen hunger force
alright so the plans
are set in stone and
all the attendees have directions
to my home
the cats and I
are waiting alone
hoping people start
showing up so we can start the showin
I think about
15 or 20 minutes
people start
peddlin in
pushing my limits
I finish
setting up the sound system
spin a little round record
louder then diminish
where’s everyone
I invited to this business
it’s not complicated
to get here
I gave plenty of warning
I paved the way with
gave away the information
stated clearly the location
readied all the battle stations
how come I’m still hanging out with myself
steeped in doubt in the comfort of my chair
pushing little pixels on a screen all about
with keyboard making dreams of what it would be like
to be a social creature
I’ll just write this song
instead of actually
inviting people
take your head
from the clouds
and see the world now
just one time
feel the night
look to the stars

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