12 - Grievous Grey

I gotta get my eyes checked
my laser vision has yet to
cause car wrecks
my stationary life
I care but I could care less
I’m not bottom barrel deep
but I can see where the bottom is
I can reach just a little bit
feel all the sand and grit
rifle thru all of it
tall tales and
holler it
all snails
will follow it
track trails
thru wallow pits
smack nails
a hammer hit
won’t fix
the crux of it
I’m missing the luxury
well this lucky me
is side stepping
the one step that
makes a meal a feast
Elizabeth Bathory
had the right strategy
lessen the gentry
by beatings and savagery
if I could dream one dream
in reality
id point my wishing tree
at the stars and we'd
ignore the warding warning
words on your lips
and welcome the oncoming
inevitable zombie apocalypse
every day is Sunday
every day is calm and grey
every day is Sunday
let it all fall away
every day is Sunday
every day is calm and grey
but I like it that way
young miss I’ve been missing
not aware of my existence
I found a pair of headphones
and upon your insistence
I’m enlisting the help
of a whole group of misfits
to misplace my calm
and affirm my insistence
that all that glitters
sure must be gold
that'll hold up in court
just fine I’m told
but damn
look at those skeleton hips
I'd hit it like
a vending machine
with a stuck bag of chips
practically practicing
for oncoming catastrophe
has me mastering skills
and thinking tactically
running drills and
running actually
taking pills to supplement
what comes from the
mind must focus the body
and what the body does
must eliminate the mind
well plan for peace
but pack a plan for hard times
search for death
but beware what you find
a pair of pulpit preachers
teaching children like leeches
sucking the clean ideas out
and spreading in the diseases
trusting the obscene
definition to those who
dream it and never experience
these things they're bleaching
it’s not reaching to say
they're stomping out reason
simply for the fact that they
label logic as treason
I think a little thinking
goes a long damn way
they think free thinking
will loosen their grasp on
their prey
you could get in trouble
for saying things like that
I could watch your eyes
burn red and hatch
a tide of new ideas and
match a pride of lions
to the ferocity of the last
city of Zion
I’m on a critical mission
to try on every thought
that crosses my pitiful mind
if I was blind
I’d still hear
all the wrong ideas unwind

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