13 - Reluctantly Robbed

let’s listen to your music now
so many songs I hated
but I played them and put up with
their lameness and never stated
how they created my own personal hell
They’re holding me tight into the darkest night still
I’m selling those books you won’t miss
miss I’ve got not place for them I just listen
to your musics
I lay myself on the floor
you're in our bed
you sound restless too
maybe that's in my head
think back to all those times
I adored those lines of broken me haunting eternity
memories never leave they just
keep killing me
your music sings
this is better than being with you
and that’s the thing
maybe I’m overthinking all this while I’m drinking
the demon rum it gets in me I hear the drums
of past conundrums
they seem so simple and true
beating out the words
this is better than being with you
a ring of iron to replace a ring of gold and
a fling of newness to slowly brush away the old
a hue of blueness to color in my fading soul
a truth inherent in my lonely lost control
I should’ve never let myself ever
get into this clever over analyzing
endeavor it’s the weather I swear it
I’ll sever any ties
and wear it all with pride
and stare it in the eyes
and handle it
just so some renter can’t replace my position
I have the slightest inclination
to block out all this devastation
in a race against time and hatred
becoming blind and wasted
is the only way to face it
it’s the end now and I think I’m checking out
I’m stressing too much on what life is all about
it’s a blessing your touch but there’s a message entombed
your music sings through 
this is better than being with you
think back many years ago when we met
and I knew we were matching souls
we clicked and it was apparent
tho we were different we were perfect
from the start and destined to be married
in time it all falls apart
and in short the time we have is a part of
the last seconds before the last second
the last reckon of our past mention
has my head spinning
on a bad axis
the last practical
vast access
of what seems magical
lasts less than an
average boot
crushing a bad apple
that’s a sad angle
but in time it all ends
in the same tangle
I’m probably overdue
and it’s an overused point of view
still in my queue
might as well get a tattoo
that says
this is better than being with you

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