14 - Damning Darkness

I’m one voice alone in the darkness
screaming at the walls of my apartment
deeming all my dreams to be compartments
in the advent calendar of bad ideas
and pipe dreams department
every day is a missing
link in the vicious
brink of disaster
a bad star on the
verge of crashing
so far I’m down
to merge with ashes
to burn bright
and pass into
a turnpike
of lasting through
the vastness
of a life
of pure sadness
a speck of dust can turn into pearl
but a hell of a lot of good
lives just end up as skeletons
in turn turn to dirt
and sell it right back to them
now that’s masterful
a class catastrophe
with titans of industry
smashing what seems like
a passing grade
but at the apogee
it’s a bare minimum
to tear into them and
find the inside
is pitiful
and not worth the
atoms they're printed from
one voice
alone in
the darkness
I’m leaving
well I was born in the wrong era
I’m gonna find a top hat a monocle
and a spare pair of
tuxedo pants
and a fair maiden
to ask to dance
a debonair flair
beauty with hair
down to her ass
and we'll start step dancing
the foxtrot
the quickstep and the waltz
the bolero the rumba
the cha cha cha
and whateverthehell else
I can find on Wikipedia
pick your media
I’m just so sick to death
of living in the here and now
left of my motivation
left hastily
my longing for
long days
I say
if life was a PlayStation
I'd have already turned it off
and sold it for financial consideration
it’s not very often
you get held aloft
in your coffin
usually once or twice
if they mess up the first
time and drop ya
I’d hate the belabor the point
but oh wait
I’m still talking
now I gotcha
one voice
alone in
the darkness
I’m leaving
one voice one choice
one more or less
fact checking
of truth
justice and the American
spend days looking thru
the looking glass
only to find
the other side
has less focus
than ours has
if could jump a little
world hopping train
to change my destination
and scenery
I’d rather do that than
spend the rest of my life
searching for ways to
make my home place
less dreary
and mean it see
I plan to place myself
in the courtesy
of some god or gods with a little
bit of influence
over the cloudy
weather I’ve been seeing
deeming just being
as apparently less than achieving
true meaning
well I’m not proud of where I’ve been
I wouldn’t call it sin
I wouldn’t exactly
tell it like a bedtime story
I got a vampire rolling dice behind my eyes
some glory lies
soften the impact
of taking your heart back
to where it all begins

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