15 - Universe Unraveling

I spend a splendiferous day on the move
I plan to take away a better mood
I mind all my p's and q's
but all that gets you is an unreasonable attitude
I have reasonable gratitude
to the sun and the stars
and the one world that's ours
we rent a space from her heart
we make our place on this cosmic dart
even tho we tear it pieces and parts
we dare to be smart
when the basis of life is
like the base technique of an art
it’s the safe retreat
before it gets too hard
you can try to win this game
but it's been staged from the start
I’m plagued by dreams that
tend to fall apart
I’ve bent but I’ve
staved off the evil thus far
it'll get to me eventually
temptation tends to eat away
at my resolve
but what this doesn’t solve
probably wasn’t meant to be
figured at all
I figured out a lot
but my lot in life
seems to be darker
than the inside of a fountain pen
tell me when
I'll be packed and ready
for adventure
but the only opportunity
that presents itself
is the chance to
dance alone to my own tones
til failing health
I pick a mystery in the center of the universe
I know
a hint of destiny with a pinch universal truth
I know
a little energy can make the difference
here’s the proof
we are the witness to the end of time
we walk the planets youth
we will find a way
to take away the pain
we spark the night fires
and tire of our destiny
we mire ourselves in
misery and pedantry
I admire those who
make their own history
a little piece of advice
don’t believe the lies
if you can’t afford the price
in the middle of infinity
but as it goes
we will find a way
to take away the pain
our port of entry into the universe
is frozen
blown over by closed minds
and those who believe
that they’re the chosen
painfully its revealed
they’re just the loners
lone holdouts hanging
on to a premise that was more
than exposed it
was overthrown by
every scientific discovery
ever known
I don’t think that excuses the
they seem to sink even deeper
into their muses
they seem to come to the brink
of useful just to fall back
down into truth of it
the proof of it is all we
keep losing
I’m bound to soothe my bound
up energy by adding to it
I’m wound up tighter than
tie fighter trying escape
Luke and I’m trying to make
haste on my rebuke
but the only place I see
that’s open for business is
a mystery true
some casual diner
serving breakfast
for all the travelers
in the middle of infinity
I'll hazard a guess
that I don’t want to stop
and that's a pity
the last place on earth
to take a hold of my interest
is rather pretty
you can talk about the plot
but spoiler alert
none of us get out alive
you thought maybe if
you had an honest soul
you'd survive
but people try
and they still die each day
that's not to say
you shouldn’t live life
in a spiritual way
just be aware of the fact
that we all decay the same
we all fall into to shame
in the last moments
we live I think
maybe that'll be the moment
when everything comes into sync
maybe that'll be the second
when everything makes sense
but don’t forget
energy can never be destroyed
it can only change places and rejoin the void
so whatever the form
your spirit moves along
singing the universes song
humming the powers that be
snapping some soulful fingers
to the beat
that's ok by me
I'll be ready
as I've been practicing
for it each time I speak
I’ve been tapping out the
Morse code of the world
so anyone coming to seek
could follow the rhythm
and find me 
here just waiting to leave

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