16 - Dissident Disposition

my disposition is sunny as hell
I hold my tongue until
there are important things to tell
what’s more at my core I hold
my position until my feet
start to swell
move swiftly thru this quicksand
but it not working so well
I'm well past the point of
being able to walk out of it
I doubt if I move at all
I fall from habit
and call my concerns
layered over festering burns
1.44 mega pounds
of misery
it sounds like a lot
but it’s just tip of the iceberg tragedy
see I entice these bad thought
like a mad doctor
might talk to a
sad patient
prolly bad
painfully glad
and add latent
for pad races
to face facing
the world
when all you want
from someone
is the time of day
and a smile on their face
yeah that’s the titular fall from grace
I'll save you a place
at the last supper
and the unfortunate last taste
slips from your tongue
onto unsung shattered plates
we guard our emotions
so carefully
but sometimes one or
two slide past the
the sun the moon the stars
and all the planets ours
we circle toward the end
we take the light to bend
a shattered disc remains
to the end of time it stays
I’m a little confused by your motivation
innovate a way to be lazier
that's the way of all the nations
weigh the pros and cons of waiting
for someone to willfully
fulfill your obligation
I’m obligated to point out
that you could have completed
your task in the time
in the time span of your procrastination
you want a little taste of home?
find a place that tastes good and just make
it your own
you want a friendly place to roam
just walk out the door and
continue on until you're
no longer alone
this process has me crossed its
a loss when wins are lost
its ok when winds are harsh
but then they end up blowing up parts
of my plans and strategy is hard to come by
this plum bob won’t stay still
until I die
I try to measure parts of my life
and level bits to make it right
but it’s a losing battle
uphill struggle
each step of the way
my legs are collapsing
under the weight
my eyes are unfocused
and won’t see straight
my life is a joke
but I don’t quite get it
I’m headed right for the end level
on 2% health and all out of weapons
it’s getting late so I’m gonna wrap it up
remember that factually you’re probably
not up to snuff
statistically speaking you’re bound
to screw it up
you can try to defy the facts
but they'll eventually catch up
I can mention you in passing
but I can’t pass you unless you're stuck
someone once told me
the sooner these owls rocket
towards this orange demon deacon
the longer we can hide from
aggie longhorn and her yellowjacketed sundevil
I don’t know what it means
but I took it to heart
for whatever it seems to be
this pleases me
and that's all I care about
you can listen all you want
but don’t expect a shout out
I doubt I'll let a sound out
I pound the keyboard down
and save this file for
after a while I'll let it
play around on my next mix cd
yeah just kidding I’m all digital
I don’t care about the quality
but I just love saving plastic
I’m never disaster free
this Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
keeps me from ever feeling complete
ok I better stop I’m about to run out of beat

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