Further Shenanigans

Just recently I hit 350 fans on Jango Internet Radio... Many thanks to all of them!

In futher news, as it turns out, making a video is more difficult than I had anticipated.  It's still in the works, but I've also been quite busy creating new music for an album to be released (hopefully) sometime in 2013.  

In the meanwhile, whilst I finish work on the video, here is a track for you all to listen to.  I've decided to go with soundcloud for the purpose of posting demos.  It's easier than juggling files on here. 

The song is titled "Tellin' You" and it's of an odd origin.  It's a story in a song, set in Victorian era.  As you can hear in the beginning of the track, the inspiration for the song was a recording of a friend's son -- but don't let that fool you.  This song is as typically dark as you might expect from Skellytone.  Enjoy.

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